Why I Chose to Run

I have had the pleasure of serving our country in the military, our State as a prosecutor, our community on several boards, and I wish to continue my service to the public as the next Collier County Judge.  I consider it my absolute privilege to be considered for this position. 

Collier County needs someone on the bench that will defend our Constitution and the rights it affords each and every individual. Someone that will not seek to legislate from the bench, but instead apply the Rule of Law as it was intended. It needs someone who will make the tough decisions, even when they aren't popular. And, we need someone who will apply the law equally, fairly, but who will be firm when the situation so requires.  We need neutrality from the bench to ensure the checks and balances are kept in place. The court is the last great equalizer of the people and we need a judge that rules according to the law.  I am that person.

My competitors do not have the experience that I am bringing in both civil and criminal matters. They lack the breadth of trial and courtroom experience that I have been fortunate to have experienced in my career. That is what we need in Court, an experienced judge.  

I fully accept the great power and responsibility that comes with this position and the need to use this office to restore the faith in the court system by the people, and to continue to uphold our Constitutional privileges for all who come before the Court.  I was taught to do what is right, to interpret the laws, not create them, to respect all and treat everyone the same.  That is what I bring to the bench.  I thank you for visiting this website and I thank you for your vote.