Family is a key component of what has led to Jim's success and are a large part of his driving force each day. He is married to Doris Sloan Moon, and they have one daughter Kaitlyn. He has lived in Naples since 1998, complementing his wife's over 40 years in Naples.  Both Doris and Kaitlyn had the pleasure of attending Naples High School. Collier County has been, is, and always will be held closely in the Moon Family hearts.


Outside of work, the family enjoys cultural travel and eco-tourism.  Giving back has been a mainstay in their lives since the day they met. They routinely volunteer their time both locally and abroad for environmental, social and animal causes.

12 Strays Saved, Many More to Go

Animal rescue and rights has been a primary volunteer activity for Jim and his family. Over the years, they have given 12 different pets a healthy and happy, adopted life.  The saying goes, you can tell the true measure of a person by the way he treats an animal.